Top 20 Modular Kitchen Brands in Bangalore

Top 20 Modular Kitchen Brands in Bangalore offer contemporary residences sophisticated designs and top-tier accessories, enhancing culinary enjoyment with top-tier accessories and appliances, enhancing their aesthetic charm. The act of cooking is often regarded as a therapeutic pursuit by numerous individuals, thereby heightening the overall enjoyment of the culinary process.

Important Design Factors for Best Modular Kitchen Designs :

  1. Organize the Layout:
Organize the Layout

If your kitchen is small, choose an L-shaped, U-shaped, or straight layout design for a simple workflow. 

2. Boost Your Storage:

Boost Your Storage

To organize kitchen items such as utensils, pots, spices, silverware, and electronic appliances, choose cabinets and drawers that are the right size for your kitchen. 

3. A mixture of Colors:

  • Choose a single color or a contrasting pair of two tones. Pick a matte finish since fingerprints and smudges are more visible in glossy colors.

4. Select the Resources:

  • In moist environments, particle board and HDF are less resilient; instead, choose BWR (boiling water resistant) plywood. 

5. Accessories for a Modular Kitchen:

A wide range of accessories, like bottle pull-outs, pull-out baskets, tall units, cutlery organizers, corner units, and under-sink accessories, can be incorporated into the kitchen layout.

A sneak peek into Top 20 Modular Kitchen Brands in Bangalore

1. Skyline spaces 

Top 20 Modular Kitchen Brands in Bangalore

Skyline Spaces offers top-notch interior design solutions with exceptional customer service. They specialize in personalized kitchen design, turning your vision into a stunning reality. Trust them to create your dream kitchen.

2.Wurfel Bangalore

Top 20 Modular Kitchen Brands in Bangalore

Würfel is a brand that strongly believes in creating the most elegant and visually appealing homes by utilizing only the finest quality European materials available. Their goal is to establish themselves as India's premier brand in modular kitchens and to become a global leader in the industry by adhering to the highest ethical and transparent business practices.

3. Cookscape

Top 20 Modular Kitchen Brands in Bangalore

Cookscape has been a popular modular kitchen company in Bangalore for 22 years. They specialize in designing and installing modular kitchens and closets. Cookscape has built more than 14000 kitchens in the last decade, making it a one-stop shop for all your modular kitchen needs in Bangalore.

4. Q-Nest Bangalore

Multiple designs for kitchens can be utilized to create a kitchen that is both refined and timeless. Such designs include straight, L-shaped, U-shaped, and island designs. By working alongside an exceptional team of interior design specialists, they consistently exceed the expectations of their clientele while simultaneously upholding the highest standards of the industry.

5. Elements Kitchen Solutions

Top 20 Modular Kitchen Brands in Bangalore

Modular kitchen companies in Bangalore have a successful history. The firm was founded in Hubli in 2002, with a branch in Shimoga in 2004. They expanded to Bangalore in 2007 and Mangalore in 2012. They aim to provide affordable modular kitchens and accessories to as many people as possible.

6. Custom Furnish

Top 20 Modular Kitchen Brands in Bangalore

It is not necessary for you to physically visit the store to customize your furniture, as the store provides the service for you. Their team of professionals will handle the design and installation of your custom-made modular kitchen. As they do not maintain any inventory of furniture, they can manufacture and deliver furniture directly from their in-house facilities to your home.

7. Ozo Kitchen

Top 20 Modular Kitchen Brands in Bangalore

For top modular kitchens in Bangalore, choose Ozo Kitchen. JK Bhagat & Suma Rao have installed 1000+ kitchens & finished 480+ interior projects in the city. Their expertise ensures excellent results.

8. Siravi

Top 20 Modular Kitchen Brands in Bangalore

This company supplies top-notch modular kitchens for the Indian market, known for its quality stainless steel products in Bangalore. Crafted by skilled professionals to meet client needs.

9. The Karighars

Our experts carefully examine all design details, considering your personality and vision to create custom solutions with high-quality materials for a luxurious space.

10. Elegant Modular Kitchen

Top 20 Modular Kitchen Brands in Bangalore

If you want to renovate your kitchen, contact a top modular kitchen company in Bangalore. They specialize in creating functional and beautiful kitchens tailored to fit your daily routine.

 11. Sleek 

Sleek International has been in business since 1993 and has grown from a wire basket manufacturer to a full-service kitchen provider. They manufacture and supply a wide range of kitchen accessories, hardware, and fittings, including cabinets, shutters, hobs, chimneys, grass, ovens, sinks, and other appliances.

 12. Johnson Cabinets 

The Indian products are carefully selected to meet customer preferences, sourced from a top German supplier, with modular kitchen designs starting at 60,000 rupees.

13. Hafele 

Hafele excels in providing creative, efficient kitchen designs with quality appliances.

14. Haecker 

Haecker is a German kitchen unit manufacturer that has been in business for 13 years. The company is renowned for providing personalized and customized solutions to meet their customer's unique requirements. They specialize in a diverse range of kitchen fittings, accessories, and cabinets.

15. Zuari Home Furnishings 

Zuari is a company that operates under the Indian Furniture Products Limited (IFPL), which is a subsidiary of the K K Birla Group. The company has been certified under the ISO 9001:2000 standard. Zuari has revolutionized the way people perceive kitchen fixtures and accessories with its stylish, modern designs that not only provide convenience but also make a bold fashion statement.

16. EBCO 

Established in 1964, EBCO is a top manufacturer of various components like drawer slides, hinges, locks, and kitchen systems. They also offer computer furniture fittings, accessories, windows, and LED lights, meeting diverse customer needs with quality products.

17. The Godrej Interio

Top 20 Modular Kitchen Brands in Bangalore

For top furniture in India, the largest provider has you covered. Offers kitchen solutions for homes and offices with sophisticated designs to match your style. Classic to contemporary options are available.

18. Spirit LVL Designs

For the most stylish and space-efficient home interiors, look no further than Spirit LVL Designs! Our experienced wardrobe manufacturers in Bangalore are second to none when it comes to designing unique modular kitchen designs that are sure to impress. Don't settle for anything less than the very best - visit Spirit LVL Designs today and start transforming your home into the beautiful space it deserves to be.

19. Nolte Kuchen

Top 20 Modular Kitchen Brands in Bangalore

Nolte Küchen has been the top brand for modular kitchen designs and fittings in Germany for three consecutive years, since 2015. They have excelled in terms of product quality, design, cost-effectiveness, and brand perception. Their materials, ideas, technology, and design are all guided by their core values of high quality, variety, service, dependability, and continuity.

20. Spacewood

For over 26 years, Spacewood has been one of the Top 20 Modular Kitchen Brands in Bangalore. Their kitchens ensure intelligent space management, flawless finishing, smooth and effortless operation, customized solutions, durability, and quality. They also offer warranties of up to ten years, providing customers with peace of mind.

A modular kitchen meets all of the important kitchen functionalities by allowing for simple maintenance, repair, and customization. These are India’s top modular kitchen solutions brands. Anyone can meet your kitchen fixture requirements. Before you go shopping, decide what kind of style you want to go with. You can also visit the websites of these brands to learn more about their products and services.

You now understand the Indian market’s mix of local and global modular kitchen offerings. Skyline Spaces is on par with all the top brands when it comes to quality and appearance. So, don’t put it off any longer and bring home a new kitchen from our list of the best.

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